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Since the launch of The Art of MaryJane magazine in 2010, and with every subsequent issue leading up to the fourth year anniversary issue this year, the magazine itself has become a new media mover forging into new territory. Bringing counterculture content to a broad-based, “mainstream” print and digital media audience is what this magazine is all about. In the interest of giving the target readership what they want every issue is filled edge-to edge with images designed to make the heart beat faster. Within the brilliantly colored pages the highest quality lithography puts pigment to paper in a salon of the most beautiful Mary Jane models always posing with finely cultured herb.
Combine that imagery with authentic, visceral writing communicating in the current vernacular the political forces directly effecting our lives in important, life altering ways. On this planet man has survived millions of years adapting to the environment and treating ailments with plants and herbs found in abundance in the ecosystem. In The Art of MaryJane magazine our contributors current and past are World Renowned doctors, Marijuana Activists, Industry leaders, Media moguls, celebrities such as Tommy Chong, Daisy Delahoya from Rock of Love, Sleepy Brown from OutKast and just recently a 7 edition Playboy model. Through their stories we learn how to improve the harvest in our own backyard with knowledge and wisdom. Opinions range to both extremes and it is important to keep the dialog open as we discuss the important issues relevant to the “culture connoisseur”.
Whether its use is for relief from medical conditions such as cancer, AIDS, and the long list of ailments that only the Cannabinoid molecules and THC provide, or for personal growth and self exploration as we seek to find the answers to the universe. The view is always more interesting when you see things from a fresh perspective. Today marijuana aficionados gather in larger numbers all over the world with a common cause of increasing understanding of how this one amazing bio-source can provide human sustainability and enough energy to fuel human progress for the next million years.
With an international message of peace, love, harmony and understanding. Our (PRINT) magazine is available at these large retailers, Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Books-A-Million, 7’11, AM/PM, Chevron, Smoke shops. You can find the nearest newsstand with our mobile GPS tracker, it can give you directions from any location to pick up the latest copy of The Art of MaryJane magazine. www.theartofmaryjanemagazine.com/buy/


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