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It started back in the 1960’s with John Lennon from the Beatles singing songs of peace rather than patriot songs promoting the soldiers of Vietnam, he wanted them home. The draft was forcing tens of thousands of high school graduates to go straight into the army or marine corp to fight in the war. The unfortunate surprise was that an alarming rate around 211,000 of the United States soldiers were being sent back home in a black box towards the end of the Vietnam conflict. There was major outrage with a massive movement for civil rights and peace to prevail instead of the military industrial complex machine with war death and destruction as the answer.
Millions of peace loving hippies blossomed up from the cookie cutter 1950’s perfect family unit. The youth growing up were being liberated by Rock & Roll as a new form of awakening. Elvis started it then it morphed into a anti-war movement that was about peace and legalizing marijuana for the masses to celebrate in their unity. This plant that obviously brings so many together to ponder on what would the world be like without war? World with complete bliss with harmony. This revolution was started by the great rock & roll bands along with the eclectic sounds of the 1960’s. The Beatles, “The doors” Jim Morrison”, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Jim Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Janice Joplin as well as many other greats.
The influence of music on the government was a burden they did not want. After the military conflict went into Cambodia from Vietnam everyone that was protesting against the war really became outraged, the governments stance was that we had to prevent communism from taking over other countries which was used as a pretext to go to war. This started a domino effect with a movement to bring peace and end all of the wars. Then the F.B.I. Started monitoring phone calls of musicians and anti-war activists, it was becoming a really big problem because in order to keep conflicts going you have to get the people to back the cause, which Americans viewed the deaths of hundreds of thousands on both sides of the Vietnam war conflict as a sacrifice they never wanted.
We must realize that our country has been at war for over 100 years. The only thing to come close to stoping the pentagon war machine was the 1960’s peace movement. Marijuana was such a major part of the liberation movement because the Nixon administration started busting activists for pot sales or possession, they would lock them away for years to basically deter decenters against the policy of war, any anti-war demonstrators were set up and investigated, many were tried and convicted in helping the communists which was considered a very serious threat by the United States government.
John Lennon from the Beetles was one of the biggest vocal supporters of the Anti-war movement. He literally spent his own money putting billboards up in major cities all across the world to promote peace to try to end the Vietnam conflict quickly. His affiliation with members of the Black Panthers is what really put a probe on John Lennon from the F.B.I. He was shot and killed on December 8th, 1980 by Mark David Chapman who was a avid fan of John Lennon, Mark became a born again christian when he heard that John was liken to Jesus in popularity this was then reason for him shooting John Lennon along with a book Mark was reading “The Catcher in the Rye”. Its really surprising that Jesus and John Lennon both promoted peace, love, harmony and unity.
The sad truth is that our country has been at war for over 100 years with other countries from all over the world in the name of democracy. Why is it that the pentagon is based on war conflicts instead of offering a helping hand to help build communities? The military should have wood to help build housing and food to offer to feed the starving, they should teach others how to become self sustaining in other countries. We really cause major conflicts for either political/religious reasons or resources for energy deposits, diamonds, gold the list goes on and on. Inst religion supposed to teach us how to help others, but we go into other countries to slaughter men, women and children in the name of God. Would God want us to use the sword of death or the pen of diplomacy for permanent peace and prosperity.
For those that believe in the devil and evil, remember it isn’t always one sided, can we by the fist control the masses or control with a warm blanket of love, compassion, strength to help feed those that are starving, house those that are homeless, cloth those that are cold. Where is the compassion for the sanctity of life, surely it is apart of savagery with the days of old when we were barbaric. Are we still the primitive species of old? Surely we have progressed enough in society to where death and destruction are apart of a more sinister plan.
It is proven that when a civilization is malnourished or changed through harsh chemicals that damage the brain, this can lead to humans becoming more Neanderthal due to brain damage or loss of brain matter, such chemicals such as mercury are a horrible neuro toxin which can cause major brain damage. When these effects happen it sets off a survival mode that can have anyone do what they normally wouldn’t do to survive. The reality is we can take care of each other with peace which creates prosperity for a nation and all other nations around it. When you see countries that are struggling they are at war, they are in constant struggle for survival.
Hemp can really solve all of these problems, read “The Emperor wear no clothes” by Jack Herer, he breaks it down into how Hemp can be used for over 50,000 different uses that can be used for fuel, food and fiber the building blocks and necessary components for the human race to be able to feed, provide shelter, cloth everyone on planet earth. The Starving children of Africa can grow hemp with barely any water, then they can make milk with amino acids and proteins, they can make food out of pure hemp. All of there homes and clothes can be made from hemp. Even the cars the make and the fuel the put to energize their cars to travel across great lands to create prosperity for all.
Our government ran a Hemp for Victory campaign after world war 2 to use for the military, farmers were encouraged to grow hemp to support their country. Of course we all know that the constitution was made from Hemp, George Washington our first president and Thomas Jefferson were growers and smokers of the fine Hemp plant. Peace can come through our resources becoming abundant for all instead of scarcity which causes utter barbaric conflict. Our solution to the pentagon is to change it into the PEACE-A-GON! Let us imagine a world where we can give everyone a chance to make their dreams come true. STOP THE OPPRESION – Legalize HEMP/MARIJUANA!


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