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The Art of Pulling Heavy


The Art of Pulling Heavy

Regardless of what nutrient line or whatever top-of-the-line lights you are using, there are many other factors in play that you need to consider to ensure your plants pull heavy. I am writing this through experience and much trial and error. This is not something up for controversy that you read on many forums of what people “think” is the best method for growing.

First things first, you need to make sure your plants are green and lush all the way through prior to flipping to 12/12. Make sure they are free from all pests and disease. If you have broad mites then I’m sorry, but this article won’t help you, as you have much bigger problems to deal with. Most of our grows are big commercial grows and we simply don’t have the time to tend to our gardens HYPERLINK “x-apple-data-detectors://1″24/7. Therefore, we use our time where it matters. I like to do 16 plants per 4×4 space; the reason being is I have found this to be the best utilization per cubic inch. I like to wait until my plants have 6 to 8 nodes up the main stalk before I use a technique known as FIM (Fuck I Missed). I will pinch half of the top node off and this will cause the plant to send all of its hormone down to the lower lateral growth. As the lower lateral growth is spurting up to the top, catching up to the newly repaired top growth after being FIM’d, the main top node has now turned into 5 tops, while your lower lateral growth is now nearly or at equal height to your main top.  Now you have a plethora of tops getting complete and adequate lighting per square inch ensuring you will have a much higher yield of good solid bud come harvest time.

Secondly, it is important to know when the right time to lollipop is, commonly known as ‘shaving the legs’. If you do this too early, you will take off too much foliage and your plants won’t be able to uptake due to lack of foliage. They won’t be able to synthesize as much as you once noticed prior to cleaning them up. This could set you back a week and really screw up your feeding cycle due to lack of uptake. The method I like to use is a double net SCROG (Screen Of Green). I place the top net roughly 10″ above the lower net and prefer my canopy to finish off around 6″ above the top net come harvest time.  The majority of the strains we grow are mostly OG’s and if you’re an OG grower, you know how valuable a double net SCROG can be. Now, the right time to lollipop or shave the legs is right about days 10-14 of flowering. This is the sweet spot and when everything in the plant is changing hormonally. I like to clean every node up all the way to about 2” below the lower net. The reason for this is that if you don’t do this, your top buds won’t be nearly as big or solid as their full potential. We did this test years ago and what we found was that when we did do this, we pulled twice as much weight than when we lollipopped much less. It’s a little bit more work, but come harvest you will be glad you spent those 3 or 4 extra 12-hour days with your ladies.

Now, around day 21-25 and when the bud sites have all had a chance to fully develop, I like to give them 1 last final cleanup. Your canopy by now is extremely thick and you’re not getting much light penetration to the middle and lower growth. Therefore, it is very important that you thin your ladies out for adequate light penetration. Don’t go too crazy and strip off every leaf, because then your plants won’t be synthesizing the energy to grow those bud sites and they will be stunted once again. Just strip the fans enough to get good light penetration. Once you’re done lollipopping, you’ve thinned everything out, and your SCROGs are in place, this is when I like to say: now it’s time to kick back and enjoy the show. Soon enough you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor, and your plants will thank you for it.
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The OG Genetics we use for our breeding program have been chosen from the strongest varieties and backcrossed multiple times within its lineage to retain true stability within the OG line. We have inbred the OG variety so many times over that we have the most stable OG line in seed form than any other seed company. Our seeds are geared towards the growers that want to be on top of their game, the grower that wants something unique and louder than the guy running his 10- or 15-year-old watered-down vintage cut. I very humbly say how blessed we are to have the genetics we have to work with, and we would not nearly be where we are at if it weren’t for a very small group of elite California growers who contributed to be part of The Vault Seed Bank. I thank each of you, you know who you are.


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