The California church battling to remain open, saying that Marijuana is a part of its religion. Jurupa Valley is in an unpleasant dispute with an Inland church that utilizes marijuana to worship, it accuses the Vault Church of Open Faith to be  fundamentally a pot store and has been endeavoring to close it down for over a year.


On Friday, April 13, An affiliation speaking to the congregation and around 15 others like it fired back, recording a claim against the city looking for $1.2 million in destructions and asserting persecution and segregation. While city authorities say they’re utilizing religion as a front for offering pot, Church leaders on the other hand say they smoke marijuana or eat edibles as a component of spiritual medication as a religious sacrament.


“Jurupa Valley’s city attorney is evaluating the case” says City Manager Gary Thompson. Such a case is frequently a forerunner to the documenting of a claim.


The congregation’s move comes at the time when  the city is pushing for an final decision to finish a suit that Jurupa Valley took to Riverside County Superior Court in early 2017 against what it maintains is an unlawful dispensary. The Vault turned into a church in January and starting advertising on Weedmaps as of Monday, April 16.


The quarrel likewise comes a long time before city voters will be requested in June to pick between dueling ballot measures and decide if business cannabis companies ought to be permitted in Jurupa Valley. Marijuana companies of numerous types are prohibited at this point.


Church authorities say the fight is basically an instance of religious mistreatment through metropolitan zoning laws, that damage the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000.


“City authorities are singling out the Jurupa Valley fellowship since it utilizes marijuana as a sacrament in meditative and different religious activities” said Brent Fraser who is an author of The Association of Sacramental Ministeries of which the Vault Church of Open Faith belongs, said . He then added that, it’s not fair.


Fraser said “We don’t ever question when they serve wine to minors at Catholic churches”. Nobody’s attempting to close them down. That doesn’t occur to the Catholic Church since that is their ceremony.”

Fraser said cannabis has generally been utilized by different religions for a long time, and it’s a certifiable articulation of the Jurupa Valley church’s faith.

Fraser continued by saying that It’s not a trap or anything similar. Law enforcement has a tendency to feel that everybody is faking appearances with the goal that they can get stoned. That is simply not genuine.

He then added that “These are not dispensaries. They are spiritual centers. They are healing centers,”


Churches oriented with Cannabis have started to multiply over the state in the wake of the legalization of recreational marijuana, which produced positive results at the first year after the passage of Proposition 64, a 2016 ballot measure.


“The Vault keeps on working as a dispensary in a city that bars any sort of marijuana venture” says Thompson who is the city manager. In spite of recreational marijuana getting to be legitimate over the state, districts can allow or boycott cannabis organizations in their communities.


Thompson spoke on the fact that they are offering marijuana unlawfully, in which he said they have verification of that.

Court archives express that an undercover agent for the city acquired marijuana Dec. 28, 2016. Without further investigation, the city sued the Vault.

Thompson also spoke on how  it was never recognized as a religious foundation.


“It was a secular dispensary before. That is true. We’re not going to say that it wasn’t.” says Matthew Pappas, lawyer for the Lake Forest-based association

However, he said the Vault has experienced a transformation since.


As indicated by state records, the Vault Church of Open Faith documented articles of joining with the California secretary of state on Jan. 19 of this current year.


Change and joining aside, Thompson said the Vault seems to be presently selling pot.

Thompson spoke on how they advertise on weedmaps. “It just seems kind of odd that any religious organization would sell a sacrament when it is administered as part of a religious ceremony.”


The Weedmaps marijuana deals site recorded The Vault Church at 5024 Etiwanda (Ave.) as a dispensary. Different strains of pot were recorded as being available to be purchased for $40 for an eighth of an ounce, and for $80 for a quarter ounce. Some were estimated lower; some higher.


Attorney Pappas said the Vault reluctantly enabled Weedmaps to group the congregation as a dispensary in its index.

Pappas stated that weedmaps doesn’t have a category for churches, saying he plans to change that.

He said the congregation is utilizing the listing on Weedmaps as a device  to reach fellow worshipers.

Pappas said “Weedmaps happens to be  a venue that people go to when they are looking for cannabis, We are trying to grow the membership of the church.”


With respect to the church, it’s a little one that meets toward the edge of a converted single-family habitation in Jurupa Valley.


Fraser said Sunday morning is the time for services. Cannabis goes into the worship picture commonly amid a meditative or comparable exercise.


A few individuals smoked pot amid the service and at one point a clergyman helped a member to smoke the cannabis sacrament through a pipe on Sunday, April 15.


There are in regards to 15 different churches inside the circle of fellowship that incorporates the Vault Church of Open Faith Fraser said. He then added that most are in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino districts, with a couple in Washington state. A few more are required to shape instantly.


Fraser said “The churches are not just a place where you pick up your weed and split,”

He said the confidence is less in regards to a specific divinity than about lauding ethics, for example, thoughtfulness, empathy, sustaining and a soul of fraternity. However they are areas where certified worship and partnership is polished.

Fraser finally said “Whatever you call your God, bring your God here, We will find a way to harmonize, rather than to fight with you. The moniker of open faith means that we welcome everybody”.



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