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The Cannabis Manifesto – Declaration of health independence & freedom of choice

MANIFESTO – a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.

This is hereby presented by the people of the United States of America as a gift to the world to bring us into a new renaissance era. The marijuana prohibition has been one of the greatest failures of human mankind. Hundreds of millions from all over the world have been negatively affected simply because marijuana has been outlawed in hundreds of countries due to our policies and treaties which gave us exclusive powers to occupy any country in the guise of fighting the war on drugs. Our scientists have proven that cannabis kills cancer and many cases have shown that cannabis oil stops epileptic seizures dead in their tracks.
Decriminalization is not enough. Full legalization for the commercial growing, production and manufacturing of cannabis goods is essential for a strong economy and healthy society. With new evidence showing that cannabis is a rock star antibiotic we must push this through to research, develop and place it on the market for patients in the hospitals and to those just wanting to enjoy some good company with friends and smoke some cannabis in peace. When millions get robbed or murdered in the name of marijuana that is when we must say enough is enough. The war on cannabis is a war on the people and their freedoms. Where hundreds of thousands used to be robbed when trying to buy marijuana in a street deal, now because of marijuana legalization this has drastically decreased because people can safely buy cannabis at a medical or recreational marijuana dispensary.
Too many are going to prison for 30+ years because they get caught with a little bit of cannabis that is not going to harm anyone. This is such a tragedy and we need to call it for what it is; those that would still keep us under marijuana prohibition are electing to continue to destroy society. At least fifty million are active daily marijuana smokers in the United States, and how many times have kids been shot and killed by police while they were running for their life because they had marijuana on them? We have to shove this in politicians’ faces about the death and destruction that has really been caused by the marijuana prohibition. This cannabis manifesto is laying out a platform and policy that is drafted and amended to be controlled for the people by the people.
Not one more grower or marijuana smoker from this day forth shall be punished with slave/prison time. That is what it is; you place minorities in jail for long extended amounts of time, then force them to work, producing military goods and consumer goods as slave labor. The marijuana prohibition is more of a tool to lock up anyone who celebrates this amazing healing plant that can be grown in your own backyard. The pharmaceutical companies that are preventing marijuana legalization are suppressing scientific evidence on cannabis reversing cancer, and are thus guilty of allowing millions of cancer patients to die a painful death. When they chose to not bring cannabis on the market in 1973 after finding with a big US study that wanted to prove that cannabis damaged your immune system, they actually discovered that cannabis killed 3 types and cancer and repaired your DNA. This is when cannabis should have been prepared for all cancer patients immediately thereafter. Think of this – millions of cancer patients lives could have been saved since 1973 when big government found out cannabis reversed cancer; instead, they suppressed this and swept the deaths of millions of cancer patients under the rug. Now this manifesto has been drafted as a declaration of health independence from those that wish to maintain and keep us dying and sick. We no longer want to be exterminated by your inadvertent evil ways that you created when you suppressed the science.
We know the FDA is the face of pure evil and allows millions to die all over the world because of its tyrannical powers of monopolization of drugs, only allowing synthetic compounds that are patentable and controlling any type of healing plant that has medicinal value and can be a superior medication in natural derivative compound applications that have been suppressed. However, we the people are no longer hiding in the shadows – we will be coming for all of those that create tyranny and oppression from this marijuana prohibition. Now is the time when the soldiers and veterans coming back from the war have a new operation to fight. It is called health independence and freedom.
The FDA at all costs does not want to allow one natural derivative compound on the market because then it opens up a Pandora’s box of healing. They have found out a way to suppress us from knowing that our food, plants and herbs can treat or cure or disease. The FDA, if it keeps its synthetic monopoly going, will keep allowing millions of cancer patients and epilepsy patients to suffer and die. Well, the time of great monopoly is over, because it creates too much oppression and tyranny. Now is the time when every single marijuana smoker and grower all over the world will force marijuana legalization on the medical and recreation level. If the FDA does not change its ways and allow the hundreds of thousands of rare healing plants to be prescribed as medications to the people, we will enact a new independent body called the Plant & Herb Administration that will be opposite of the FDA and will be a shining example of how we can heal the world and make a much healthier, more productive society.
The people of the United States of America and worldwide do hereby declare all laws prohibiting marijuana as unjust, and all laws will be overturned by we the people to stop mass slave incarceration and the suppression of cannabis science and the other healing plants. The tyrannical corporations that are trapping us in the dark ages need to wake up out of their unloving, uncaring trance. You can no longer sit back and keep making your empires on the back of millions of dying cancer patients and millions of your slaves to work for your corporations and military goods. Mass slavery is still here, and the war on marijuana has caused a massive part of this.

(The Plant & Herb Administration papers attached to the Cannabis Manifesto)

The Cannabis Manifesto

*We the people do hereby declare all laws prohibiting cannabis to be stricken from the record and reversed for full-out legalization.
*We the people do hereby declare that all marijuana laws prohibiting the growing, consumption, manufacturing and possession are null and void.
*We the people have taken it upon ourselves to legalize marijuana in all jurisdictions from city to city, state to state, country to country, until full worldwide marijuana legalization is implemented.
*This creates an independent body away from the FDA called the Plant & Herb Administration.
*Establishment of cannabis laws that are in favor of the people and commerce.
*We the people do hereby establish governing laws and principles relating to cannabis in the best interests of the people.


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