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Las Vegas legalize Marijuana


Knock Knock, Hello Las Vegas could you imagine millions of stoners converging to Las Vegas, Nevada as a haven for recreational marijuana smokers? You are going to make billions in revenue, way more than incarcerating a bunch of stoners for trying to enjoy their lifestyle. Your tactics on marijuana smokers proportionately targeted minorities. Your police department has taken action to incarcerate 1000s of gamblers coming to Las Vegas from weed friendly states then getting busted with small quantities of marijuana to find themselves jailed for years locked up in the system that tells you that you are only safe when you drink the alcohol.
When medical marijuana dispensaries opened up in Los Angeles it brought the marijuana to the people. You think that gambling makes allot of money, open up recreational pot shops with exclusive rooms for smoking the herb will have the entire world flocking to Las Vegas, Nevada in need of the weed that makes their life so much more tolerable and fun. Stop ruining the party! We have been targeted by you for far to long. Now its time we target you for an operation of sorts that will eventually legalize in all 50 states. Washington & Colorado have legalized recreational marijuana use, you think Las Vegas would be first in line.
We still have all of the old fogies that flock to Las Vegas to retire, their perception of cannabis is from 50+ years ago, they are still clamoring on 100 year old science. Yes of course your police department needs to finance your huge police force that makes major money on marijuana arrests. How about we get all of the retired police officers that have had cancer for which marijuana was their only relief. This is a miracle from god, could it be that we were self medicating from the fear and oppression they create. Soon you will be getting 1000s of papers proving that marijuana has amazing medicinal benefits. This game of cops & robbers has gone to another level, The DEA should turn into the (DRUG ENJOYMENT AGENCY), They would make 10 times more money than doing military type raids on law abiding citizens.
Your senators of Nevada are on-board with medical marijuana, you although need to be on the same page, when you defy state law you are breaking the law. When you have so many police officers coming directly from combat into the police department it is not a good recipe. Maybe thats how you view us as a war zone? That we the people do not decide our fate, but those that control mega corporations that have so much to lose with marijuana legalization full out pull the strings. They have kept us in the dark for more than 100 years. We would like to see hotels in Vegas exclusively for marijuana smokers & tokers, just like smoke friendly casinos.
I see in the future casino slot machines that have pictures of buds & MaryJane models. As you pull the lever the buds line up, ding, ding, ding! All of a sudden jars of buds come out of the machine, you chose the button to get buds instead of money, or a cool voucher to purchase weed at the Recreational pot shop in the casino. You think your dance clubs are hot now? Open up marijuana sales exclusively for marijuana smokers. There could be clubs that have exclusively recreational marijuana? It seems that you would have to separate the alcohol dance clubs from the marijuana dance clubs. What s the difference? Stoners party harder than drinkers!
We all know that a party is not a party until the cool guy lights up a joint, while everyone’s eyes become red & green. Hello Green Giant, can I have some greens? I would also like to go up to the bar and get a whole juiced marijuana plant that has healing properties and a green kick. Its imperative that you see we will not give up the fight until all states have legalized Recreational use & Medical marijuana use. As there are so many compounds that help with so many ailments. Educate yourself, it is the ignorant ones that keep society back from true and real progress.
Im sure there is someone out there with the same vision as Bugsy Siegal for a New Las Vegas that is all marijuana themed. We want to have our baked cake and eat it to. Were here to reverse the damage of society for this long prohibition almost 100 years old! Our voice of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment is for you to realize a new world. The box is now leaving the building, we have now gone beyond looking outside of the box. It is unfolding before our very own eyes, we will get back to the earth to heal ourselves with what God intended for us to all replenish. We will not forget how many lives our government has destroyed in the name of protecting corporate profits.


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