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Here we all are in this Orwellian world where so-called justice is based on indifference to the social class system and the targeting of those who have been categorized as “minorities.” Marijuana users made the list back in the 1930s, when a government crackdown on the weed included a full-scale “Reefer Madness” propaganda campaign spread through the media of the day.

It’s impossible to look back now on the government’s efforts to criminalize marijuana use and not spot the hypocrisy. The campaigns warned of marijuana’s health hazards and warned that its use would destroy the very fabric of society. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies saw the opportunity to monopolize the entire market through synthetic compound medications. All plants and herbs were dropped from prescription medications to ensure that you could not utilize natural compounds easily accessible through our local farmers.

Pharmaceuticals drug companies recognized they would be best-served by synthesized plants and ushered in a new chemical age. Among the most prominent culprits was Bayer, a German company founded 150 years ago. It’s a company with a checkered past, to say the least. The company is most recognizable as the inventor of the best-selling drug of all time: aspirin, which it brought to market in 1897 following French chemist Charles Frederic Gerhardt’s discovery that willow bark could be synthesized into an analgesic acid. Bayer would have introduced its new aspirin to the world two years earlier, but it concentrated its efforts on developing heroin, a drug it sold over-the-counter as a cough syrup for kids. Bayer began marketing heroin in 1895 and even gained American Medical Association approval in 1907. By 1913, the addictiveness of heroin was plainly evident and prompted Bayer to cease selling the drug.
About the time the U.S. government started mounting its war on marijuana, Bayer merged with other German chemical firms to form the conglomerate IG Farben. It was Germany’s biggest company and the single largest donor to Hitler’s election campaign.  IG Farben worked closely with the Nazis in World War II and became the war’s largest profiteer. Not only did the company produce explosives for the German military and loot the chemical industries of occupied Europe, but it used slave labor from a Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz to produce Zyklon B – the chemical used to gas and exterminate millions of Jews, Poles and Russian POWs – as well as the methanol to burn the bodies. IG Farben even paid 100,000 reichsmarks each year to Hitler’s SS in exchange for a continuous supply of fresh slave labor and the removal of unfit inmates.
IG Farben’s role in Hitler’s war machine was fully exposed at the 1946 Nuremberg War Crimes trial, as the tribunal concluded that the war would not have been possible without the company’s support. Thirteen of the 24 board members and executives indicted on crimes against humanity charges were given surprisingly short sentences and some were again running chemical companies within 10 years. A British military tribunal did execute the chemist who co-invented Zyklon B, however.
The post-war years were quiet for Bayer, but the company was back in the news by the mid-1980s. A product the company sold to treat hemophilia – Factor VIII – carried HIV and infected thousands of hemophiliacs in the U.S. alone. Less than 20 years later, it was revealed that Bayer had saved money by continuing to produce and sell Factor VIII in Asia and Latin America while selling a newly developed, safer product in the West. As the chemical and pharmaceutical giant has expanded its global empire in recent decades, similar controversies have followed.
How alarming is it that we were forced to accept medications only through a system of pharmacists and doctors that was originally set up by Bayer as a perfect form of monopolization? The system was established to create synthetic pharmaceutical compounds that could be prescribed by doctors for the treatment of patients.
Why are we still so dependent on outdated science that synthesizes nature? How can so many companies continue to sell synthetic applications based on the healing properties of plants and herbs while those who try to sell the plants and herbs themselves are incarcerated? Obviously, the titans of wealth are trying to protect their fortunes, thus they’ll continue to warn us that there aren’t medical benefits in smoking marijuana.
The formation of the war on drugs officially started at a 1971 press conference when President Richard Nixon declared that “Drug abuse is public enemy No. 1 in the United States.” The year before, he signed the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, which basically extended drug-prohibition policies from 1914 and categorized controlled substances based on their medicinal use and potential for addiction.
It was also at a time when the government viewed heroin use as a treatable condition, rather than a criminal offense. A 1969 experiment conducted at a Washington, D.C. jail by Dr. Robert DuPont prompted the Nixon administration to authorize methadone as a treatment for heroin addicts. Dupont, who went on to serve as the first Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the second White House Drug Czar, earned notoriety by collecting urine samples from incoming inmates over a month’s time. The samples revealed that 44 percent of the inmates tested positive for heroin, and the experiment concluded that treating heroin addicts with methadone lowered crime rates. Methadone treatment became readily available when as much as 15 percent of American troops returning from Vietnam were found to have a heroin addiction. But it begs to be asked: Wasn’t this a case of simply replacing one highly addictive, toxic chemical with another?
The truth is that the war on drugs is really a war against plants and the people. We must not listen to the conglomerates that create and regulate sickness. Our system of medicine has been perpetrated by those who wish to control every aspect of our life and above all, profit. Marijuana and all of its psychoactive compounds remove our dependency on outdated science with its synthetic compounds and pave the way to medicine’s future.
The future starts with legalizing marijuana as a self-administered drug available to the masses. Its benefits are being confirmed daily in the scientific community and hospital patients are praising its superiority over synthetic drugs they were previously treated with. Gone are the addictiveness and the debilitating – if not deadly – side effects.
The gates of truth open daily, and we are beginning to see the light. It’s all right there in front of us – a rise in obesity and cancer rates, a medical system that never has worked very well. Marijuana takes us down the holistic path toward healing.


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