UNITED STATES - APRIL 17: Former Senator Mike Gravel greets a supporter before a news conference at the National Press Club at which he announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president in 2008. (Photo By Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images)

Cannabis Sativa Inc. which heavy weight Gary Johnson is CEO of, who and has also been a two- time New Mexico Governor and presidential nominee, has added a new member to the team. Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) is the new CEO of their subsidiary KUSH and is on the The board of directors. Mike Gravel will be in charge of the development and marketing of cannabis-infused products that will be for recreational and medical use. Mike Gravel served on the senate from 1969 to 1981 who and also was a presidential candidate in the 2008 race who has been a major supporter of marijuana legalization. “I feel very deeply about the failure that is marijuana prohibition,” Gravel said in a statement to The Huffington Post as to the reason why he is now on the front lines. “Nixon is the one that put marijuana into a Schedule I1. People forget that story, I lived through that. I thought it was horrible.”
“Where we have cannabis legal today is where the people have spoken. , The people know better than their leaders, that’s what’s going on here.” Gravel explained that he is still going to pursue politics. “It hasn’t changed my whole political posturing, I’ve been very active in the last month or so over the torture debate. And I’ll continue to be active with respect to the difficulties that we’re having in Iran.” President Richard Nixon is was the first president who made marijuana a schedule 1 narcotic which essentially he declared war on the people from a plant that everyone enjoys. Now that we have 23 states with medical marijuana and 4 states with recreational, a major shift on the federal level is coming very soon for recreational and medicalboth without any government interference besides giving their blessings.
With the major spending bill signed by Obama the federal ban on medical marijuana has been lifted and this will create more protection measures for inter stateinterstate commerce. Senators are demanding that Obama take action and legalize marijuana as this has become a the major #1 topic for of importance for American citizens because they see all of the tyranny and oppression caused by marijuana prohibition.
Mike Gravel, before the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report, sounded the alarm about the torture tactics by the CIA after 9/11 that was in regards to the interrogation and detention program pushed Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo.) to bring this to the attention of the Senate floor.
A major defining moment in Mike Gravel’s career was a filibuster from which he read Pentagon Papers submitted by Daniel Ellsberg. This was during his tenure on the Senate Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee. Gravel included 1000’s of additional pages from the Pentagon Papers onto the congressional record that made it public for the Supreme Court to decide if whether sensitive documents could have been published through the press.Stevepress. Steve Kubby, who sits on Cannabis Sativa’s board as chairman, said Gravel is a “true American hero” who “brings invaluable perspective” to the company.
“Senator Gravel stood up to Nixon, stood up to the Pentagon, and now he is standing up to those in power who would keep the healthful benefits of cannabis from those who need them,” Kubby said in a statement.
The Vice president and COO Michael Pickens of Kush told huffpost Huff Post that Gravel is a “very active and outspoken” representative who also sits on the Cannabis Sativa board of directors.”Idirectors. “I specifically requested to work with him for his track record of taking action and holding people accountable in government, and now he gets to use those skills to advance another worthy project,” Pickens stated. It is obviously becoming self evidentself-evident that marijuana is going to be the biggest, most lucrative venture since big oil, and those that get in on the ground floor will be truly rewarded with prosperity and the ability to work with a medicine that does not kill as the a side effect. Now more than ever we have major players in the political and business field getting in on the action. With such a new wide- open market set to make billions of dollars in revenue for each state we can bring the gold rush -–now green rush – to America once again.


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