Sane people, open-minded people, cancer sufferers – you may now stop banging your heads against your bedroom walls, at least for a moment. There’s news, and it’s news you probably want to hear. It’s news that we feel you’ve been waiting a very long time for.

The government – the same government that has put its head in the sand for years and denied the role cannabis plays in curing cancer – may finally be ready to take its head out of the sand and acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that points to the fact cannabis, and especially cannabis oil, can be life saving.

Your faith in those who lead us might well have diminished thanks to the blind banning of such a helpful substance, but a little of that lost faith could now be restored again.

Ok, so this whole thing came about by accident, but as the oppressed, we need to take victories where we can find them. At least until all people are allowed to use cannabis to treat cancer according to their wishes.

The scoop on this particular story is… a while ago, the US government, in typical US government style, set out to condemn marijuana by proving conclusively that it didn’t have any effect when it came to curing cancer. They commissioned a study in order to help them label weed once and for all as ineffective at curing the deadly disease. The plan here was simple: the government would test cannabis extracts on rats and small animals and deem the treatment a waste of time. Then they’d have an excuse to restrict its usage indefinitely and close down any debates that suggested the drug was helpful. What happened? It all backfired, big time. Their study proved the opposite. The government’s in depth study proved that marijuana was actually effective at curing cancer, and could actually kill off rapidly reproducing cancer cells such as those seen in the most aggressive forms of the disease.

When your own study turns against you and proves the very thing you’ve been denying for years, it’s virtually impossible to dismiss it, as those high up in the US have found out. The unwitting discovery that cancer sufferers could benefit from cannabis has forced the government to admit that, yes, there is some truth to what some extremely smart people have been saying for years and years… and years.

The study, which was tasked to St. George’s University in London, was carried out by a group of high-profile scientists. By using cannabis extracts, these researchers were able to visibly reduce the reproduction rate of some cancer cells, and kill off other cells entirely. The findings, which are unanimously positive, are some of the most conclusive around. While other countries have researched marijuana and how it affects cancer cells, no major country has done so with the same intent as the United States government. This was no small study commissioned on a low budget. No, sir. This study intended to be used to dismiss talk of marijuana’s cancer fighting properties for good.

The study was published in the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics journal in November 2014, but has recently come to the attention of the public only this summer. The reason for this is partly because of the national interest in a cure for cancer, but also because the US government was very recently forced to admit the vast potential cannabis extracts can offer. Along with radiation therapy, results were even more profound. Certain types of cancer were actually shown to disappear in the rats used as subjects. Russia Today, Russia’s leading news channel, was quick to pick up the story, and created a page on its website detailing the findings. It, along with countless other news outlets, also picked up on the official line from the US government, confirming the research was valid and exciting.

On the NIDA website, a place where the intricate details of the study can be found in full, the following official statement was released: “Recent animal studies have shown that marijuana extracts may help kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others.” Evidence from the study was added along with the statement. It read:  “one cell culture study suggests that purified extracts from whole-plant marijuana can slow the growth of cancer cells from one of the most serious types of brain tumors.”

Lead researcher on the study, Dr. Wai Lui, told The Washington Post: “We’ve shown that cannabinoids could play a role in treating one of the most aggressive cancers in adults. The results are promising… it could provide a way of breaking through glioma [tumors] and saving more lives.”

Along with brain cancer, cannabis extracts were also touted as a potential cure for breast cancer. The Liberty Voice, a publication popular among women, cited the study in a recent article, and explained to readers how the findings suggest a new treatment could soon be on the horizon. The publication, unlike some others, refused to get too excited as the results hadn’t yet translated from rats and other small animals to humans. While rats share a similar make up to human beings, and while findings on rats do tend to correlate when tested on actual people, there is no way to say with certainty that cannabis cures cancer in people until this method of treatment has been tested on them.

Still, the findings are extremely promising, and will surely be the gateway to even more research. They’ll also likely open the doorway to additional research in other areas of medicine. Scientists will almost certainly now attempt to find out how marijuana can be used to fight similar conditions, such as Aids and HIV, Alzheimer’s, and general inflammation disorders.

These findings are not only welcome news to cancer charities and those looking to cure themselves of one of life’s nastiest diseases, but they’re extremely welcome news for activists and campaigners too, who have been pushing for the legalization of marijuana entirely so that it can be used freely by people wishing to cure cancer. The fact the US government has made such an official statement in favor of cannabis extract’s cancer fighting credentials is a huge step forwards. Perhaps that’s why it made headline news in Russia, as mentioned above, the UK, in the country’s Metro newspaper, Belfast, in the Telegraph, and in the International Business Times. It seems the fact that the US government has been made to backtrack is as newsworthy as this potential cancer breakthrough seems to be. No longer is the infallibility of the American government something that people believe in. In fact, in America and across the world, many now realize how biased and restrictive this particular government can be, usually in order to protect business interests it sees as beneficial to those with influence.

This authoritarian government is the very same government certain activists have been fighting against for years. So infuriating has it been trying to get through to them that even GoFundMe pages have been created, asking for members of the American public to fund research into the cancer-fighting properties of cannabis and cannabis extracts. One particular page created by a Spanish group managed to attract over $27,000 worth of donations in just a couple of months. As the word spread, more people became interested in what cannabis could offer in the fight against cancer, and thought it was worth researching.

It’s sad to have to admit it, but if there was any way for the federal government to get out of admitting that cannabis cures cancer, at least in rats, they’d take it, make no mistake about that. Hemp and other such plants have been public enemy number one for a very long time, and not because of their health risks or side effects. They’ve been vilified because powerful people have it in their best interests to ensure they remain on the outskirts of mainstream America. You don’t have to be any kind of Saint to recognize profit before lives is entirely immoral.

The problem with conducting your own study, which proves the very opposite of what you hoped it would, is that it backs you into a corner. You’re forced to accept its findings. Either that, or deny it and look like glorious idiots.

Rather than make itself even more of a laughing stock around the whole world, the American government has had to back its own study and admit there is potential when it comes to using the herb to treat cancer. This year, almost 590,000 Americans will be killed by the deadly disease, which affects 1 in 3. A total of 1.7 million will contract some form of cancer in the States alone this year, a number which can make one forget the personal suffering this illness creates. The number of sufferers is sadly one that continues to grow, too, thanks in part to excess pollution, stress, food preservatives, and sedentary lifestyles. These poor people may soon (and “may” is the operative word here) be able to experiment with cannabis as part of their treatment plans, a goal many are working towards.

Despite trying to find flaws in the study, which can now be found on the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s website, there were none. It was conducted thoroughly and fairly. The news that the government was about to back down slightly on its stubborn stance must have come as a complete shock to those who first realized what was about to happen. Still, facts are facts, and one has to accept them if one doesn’t want to live in a nation full of deluded lunatics. Cognitive dissonance is no admirable trait, and even the government are aware of that. America wasn’t built on delusion, it was built thanks to a pioneering spirit, a willingness to experiment, and a desire to solve problems.

For some, this acknowledgment has come too late. Those who could have been saved have been sold out by their government, that if we’re honest, probably knew what everybody else knew – that cannabis can be extremely effective when it comes to treating certain types of cancer.

It’s with all fingers crossed that we hope more people can experience the results England’s Mike Cutler did. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 for the second time, Mike visited YouTube to watch a video created by US cannabis oil activists. He was so convinced by their presentation he decided to experiment with the product for himself. Thankfully for Mike, the oil worked, and he was declared cancer free soon after. After receiving a biopsy that confirmed he was in the clear, Mike went to the press to praise the wonder substance. He now has the possibility of many more happy years in front of him, years he can spend with his nine grandchildren. It’s hard to say whether Mike would have survived without the help of cannabis extracts. According to Mike, he probably wouldn’t have, and the fact his most recent battle with cancer wasn’t his first one suggests he’s probably right.

While England and other European countries have opened up their own research into cannabis and cancer, much depends on the US as to whether or not this life-saving treatment will be permitted worldwide. As the world leader in the war on drugs, other countries look to the United States to be the pioneer it once was. Will the United States do the right thing and help save countless lives? Maybe. If it does eventually decide to embrace cannabis, this study will be remembered as the catalyst for such a profound change.


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