We here at The Art of Maryjane have been sounding the horns on the amazing benefits of hemp and how it can revolutionize our entire society to be the pinnacle of eco-friendliness. Our generation has to win this battle for humanity and the preservation of our natural state. Nuclear power plants have been all the rage about how to provide energy to the grid system, but at what cost? There comes a time when we must all stand up to make a positive change. Everyone expects others to do it, but no one does so it creates a problem of non-activists that care about nothing more than their cell phones, cars and houses.

Our system of nuclear energy is extremely dangerous as seen with CHERNOBYL on April 26th, 1986. The people of Ukraine experienced the largest explosion of a nuclear reactor ever recorded. With Tesla creating energy on a massive scale, why would we not create a safer more energy efficient way to create sustainability? There are many factors that play into the hands of this nuclear power devastation. Of course the obvious factor is money, greed and war games to see who can advance their agenda.

There are two ways we use nuclear energy, the first is to provide electricity and power to the residential and commercial grid. The second is nuclear power for warheads which, when dropped on large cities, can kill hundreds of thousands as seen during World War 2 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Obviously when you compare nuclear energy to HEMP ENERGY there is no comparison. Hemp can be produced to provide energy to cities all across America and the world. The fact is that not only can hemp replace nuclear energy, it can also clean up sites that have contamination particles including high levels of radiation.

The blast of CHERNOBYL from their nuclear power plant surrounded a 30km radius around the perimeter, creating extremely high levels of radiation. It also contaminated agricultural lands as well. In 1998 (CGP) PHYTOTECH Consolidated growers and processors company began the most important task our planet has been faced with in our entire existence. They developed a new technology called (phytoremediation) through the hemp they produced, which cleans up toxins and radiation on a massive scale. Additionally, the hemp can and does literally decontaminate the soil from radiation exposure.

Phyto means (plants), remediation is to (clean up) decontaminated sites. This process removes radioactive elements from the soil and water at former nuclear reactor weapons facilities. Hemp is used also to re-mediate explosives, pesticides, solvents, crude oil, metals, poly-aromatic hydrocarbons and toxins leaking from landfills. “Hemp is proving to be one of the best photo-remediative plants we have been able to find,” said Slavik Dushenkov, a research scientist with PHYTOTECH. This is a revolutionary way that we can apply Phytoremediation in the United States of America.

The EPA estimates that over 30,000 sites in the U.S. need hazardous waste clean-up with the most attention on Hanford and Three Mile Island. When you put it into perspective, we have so many contaminated sites that have been polluting the population for years with so many adverse health effects. We could immediately start clean-up of all sites with HEMP phytoremediation in the worst offending countries for nuclear proliferation. All nuclear power needs to be shut down and eliminated for the preservation of human mankind. The most exciting part is that these nuclear power plants can transition to hemp production to creating energy for their surrounding areas.

Hemp energy production uses a process called (pyrolysis) from hemp stalks by applying high heat to biomass with little or no air. We can drastically reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants and automobiles by converting biomass to fuel utilizing this technology. This (pyrolysis) technique can produce charcoal, gasoline, ethanol, methanol, methane, acetone, non-condensable gasses and acetic acid. Process adjustments can be used with charcoal, gas, methanol, oil gas and pyrolytic oil with a 95.5% fuel-to-feed ratios. We can have non-nuclear power plants that run solely on hemp.

A pyrolysis facility can provide energy for all residential and commercial buildings within a 50 mile radius, which can finally make America energy-independent while creating real sustainable jobs to our economy. Now that Colorado along with a few other states are actually allowing hemp farming and production, we can finally clean up all the ecological devastation we have created. This is a very serious matter that will produce a healthier society. We know that these toxic facilities have created health hazards for residents close by to have higher levels of cases including cancer and other immunity problems. Our society needs to not only come up with solutions for preservation and sustainability, but we also need to take tangible action.

Hemp is the solution, yet we still wait while our entire society becomes brainwashed by big oil that they are actually doing something. They make an announcement to appease the masses on alternative energy, then side-track our thinking. The people must stand united against those that will not let our society progress. Hemp literally has over fifty thousand uses, and this is known without even studying the plant. Imagine how many more ways we can create and use hemp! Hemp is miraculous – we can create wood from it to build houses and commercial buildings, car shells made out of hemp are ten times stronger than steel, and hemp can even be used as a recyclable form of paper and plastic without the toxic chemicals like BPA.


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