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Kurupt Interview


Kurupt Interview


by Mr. MaryJane



So your going on a world tour, what countries will you be going to?

Kurupt: “Ah man, Im gonna be hitting this world tour, me and Daz, Dogg Pound pushin

that line, we should be hitting Australia, then we gonna hit New Zealand, Aukland we

gonna be there baby, Sydney we’re there, we’re gonna have a good time, you know we

always have a good time.”


When is your next Album and who are you collaborating with?

Kurupt: “We’re working on my new album right now, currently I’ve been working on it

for sometime now, Dr Dre gave me one of them Jewels, thats who Im putting it together

with and it should be actually coming this summer, so get ready Kurupt Young Gotti,

head hunter is here, hello, get it together would ya, protocol.”


What was the defining moment of your career?

Kurupt: “Oh wow, the most defining moment in my career was actually the first time I

heard myself when I was driven down the streets and I heard them playing my record

and that’s what made me you know just elevate to a whole different level, dam thats my

shit, it’s over now it’s time for me to be a super star. Im getting my records played, that

changed everything to my mentality, the way I focused on business you know

everything, you know what I’m saying, so that defining moment was the first time I heard

myself in the streets just driven down the street, pulled up to them playing my music,

that was it.”


So you have some business developments you are working on, what are some of

your projects?

Kurupt: “I have a film that I executively produced with my good buddy Robert and It’s

called “Taco Shop”, it’s coming soon, it should be out in May, 2018. You know its my first

time being apart of an executive production team, to be working on the screen. So you

know I’m working on that besides my solo album Dystopia, you understand me, other

than that, I got my Real Kurupt”s Moonrocks, you know what I’m saying, slapping the

game you understand, we’re about to crack California back open, I had to give

California a break for a little bit, but know Im fitting to hit it back with the Real Kurupts

Moonrock there’s so many imitations, I mean there are so many imitations, the Dogg

taught me if they didn’t imitate you, who are you? Ya understand me everybody wants to

be the one, Im the one, what can I say, hello!”


What is your message for aspiring music artists moving up in the game?

Kurupt: “The best thing that I can tell anybody trying to get in this game man is you

gotta meet people, networking is key, but most importantly perfect your craft, you know

what I’m talking about anybody any form of music, perfect your craft, you understand

me and then everything else will be relevant. Concentrate on that craft, get that together

and then learn the business, then hit the streets and see whats out there. You gotta

work, its not gonna come to you, and if it does your one of the lucky ones.”


Tell us your most memorable time at one of your concerts?

Kurupt: “My most memorable time at one of my concerts is when I was rocking “Aint

No Fun” with Snoop and a girl in the crowd showed me her tits, I was crackin up, that

was the first time I had seen that they had done that for me, “If Kurupt gave a fuck

about a bitch, then I’d always be broke, then she just said ahhh and she showed me her

titties, they always do that for the champ, not for me.”


What was your bond like with Tupac?

Kurupt: “My thing with Tupac, my relationship with pac was you know mentor, student,

he was the mentor I was the student, he taught me my work ethics and how its

supposed to be in the studio, you know business, Tupac was leadership between the

positives Snoopy, you know can’t go wrong with Dr. Dre and you just can’t go wrong,

you know we knew Tupac before he got with Deathrow, you know he was already our

friends with Poetic Justice, we always wanted him on Deathrow, so when he got there,

we felt closer then we already was. We would go to Pac’s house in Atlanta before he got

to Deathrow he was, I mean hey baby west coast so when he got to Deathrow it was a

great thing.”


Of course you are one of the biggest music rap/hip hop legends in the game, who

else paved the way and why is it important to respect those who laid the foundational


Kurupt: “It’s important to respect the people who you get your game from because you

want people to respect your contributions, and you know that’s the key to the game. Its

how you excel and succeed, you gotta give it up for the style and technique, my whole

teachings came from Rakim you know what I’m saying, from Rakim is where I studied to

get where I am today. So I always give it up to Rakim, so its good to give it up to the

people you got your style from. We all took a piece of each other, you know what I’m

saying, I take pieces of Snoop, Snoop takes pieces of Daz, Daz takes pieces of me, I

take pieces of Daz, It’s the game, we keep each other sharp.”


You have inspired billions of people worldwide, what would you like to tell your fans

and what can they expect from Kurupt in the future?

Kurupt: “Great things you can expect great things from Gotti. I just got started you

understand me, Im coming back in this game man, gotta take that brick man raise these

children man and get my game together where I’m satisfied, hello, so you dig me. You

can expect nothing but greatness coming from Kurupt, My game is sharpening up

everyday man, Im on my second go around, you understand me.”


What are your favorite song collaborations and who would you want to collaborate

with in the future?

Kurupt: “My favorite song collaboration, I have so many, I will tell you who I want to

collaborate with in the future, I look forward to doing an MC song with Rakim, you know

what Im saying. That’s the key to the game for me, spitting those rhymes off one of

those, that is historical. One of my most memorable records, one of my favorites is “Aint

No Fun” with Snoop, It’s my number #1, talkin about that funky bitch.”


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