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Las Vegas The New Cannabis Capitol


Las Vegas  The New Cannabis Capitol


The gambling capitol of the world now has a new nick name,  the cannabis world capitol at the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada resorts. Since legalizing cannabis for recreational use on /July 1st, 2017  many cannabis entrepreneurs have ascended on how to fill the cannabis tourism void.  Anyone from all over the world descending  on the city will have to be atleast 21 to purchase marijuana and you are limited to one ounce of pot.  The dispensaries have been getting customers to wrap around their building in some instances.

It is a major feat for Las Vegas, considering they used to lock up minorities left and right. The cops were so savage using cannabis to target minorities and put them in jail for work or to get money through fines. Such a draconian old way of doing things, so many lives dead because of a cop causing problems for a few buddies getting together to party and have a good time. No one is hurting themselves, what is sad is that allot of the highschoolers eighteen and over were going straight to jail from highschool for possession of cannabis. So many kids killed from gun fire for a weed deal gone wrong.

So many lives sent to prison that started from the police targeting kids straight out of highschool for a few joints. There are still states like Texas and others that you can go to prison for a long time for a couple ounces of pot. Finally we forced Las Vegas to see things our way, the cannabis friendly way. With tourism for cannabis exploding Dispensaries are booming as well. The city has gone through many changes and regulations to finally get to this point. Not long ago did 1000s of people descending on Vegas were pulled over and sent to jail, wow that is some bullshit!

Now finally can we all rejoice, have fun and celebrate in peace without someone trying to knock down our door because were having to good of a time. Judges, lawyers, cops all were in on taking minorities to the bank and jail for long periods of time for a harmless plant that hurts no one. The new cannabis capitol of the world the fabulous Las Vegas will some day have designated cannabis smoking sections at all of the casinos. Thank you all cannabis activists for saving people lives from a life long incarceration from the start of just a couple joints.



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