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How do you support the cannabis movement?

I think anything that has the potential to ease people’s pain is beneficial to everyone.

When was the first time you were featured in Playboy magazine?

I believe the first time was in 2010. I did 5 issues of special editions. My experience was fantastic, very comfortable and they made sure I was at ease. It changed my personal life because everyone wanted to talk about it. Work-wise it may have had an impact on the different jobs I got. It was so much fun years ago, I could still go anytime, but it’s not the same as the previous years – they suck, I don’t know. I guess having the fans follow your career from back then to now is pretty cool.

Where do you see yourself in five years with your career?

Definitely more movies and acting and lots more modeling campaigns and shoots.

What positive things do you see yourself doing as a contributor and a woman in the cannabis movement?

I would definitely vote for legalizing marijuana, as it does no harm but helps people, which is positive in a world full of so much negativity.

What would you look to do with your fame to help others?

I would use it in a positive way, extending my beliefs to people that others may not have access to.

How do you feel about the medical aspects of cannabis?

The medical aspects are particularly why I think it should be legalized. Alcohol kills people 10 times over yet it is legal. I heard recently that cannabis may prevent Alzheimer’s.

When did you first realize cannabis was used much more than for just recreational purposes?

I think we learn more beneficial purposes that lie in cannabis daily. I definitely realized recently and am amazed at its purposes.

What other modeling, acting in films and commercials have you been credited with?

I did a movie called Pawn with Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta and Michael Chiklis where I played his girlfriend. Just did a movie with Bruce Willis called Vice. Modeling I have worked with so many different companies I always forget! But magazines such as Maxim, several FHMs and a few editorials for Esquire.

What are your newest projects you have booked for the rest of 2014 and 2015?

Doing several movies I can’t exactly talk about right now but very, very cool projects.

How do you feel about knowing you made history by being in The Art Of MaryJane magazine?

It’s really an honor. I have much respect for the culture and this will be another great cause to show my support for.

We are a country that is supposed to be “We The People For The People” and when we stick together as a society, we can make a difference. What would you feel and what are your opinions if the US government said all states are legal to use marijuana medically and recreationally?

I would say “Finally! It’s about time.” There are much bigger problems in the world than dealing with such a minor legality of obtaining marijuana which helps people’s lives.


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