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Louisiana Exodus



Dear Louisiana: We the people have seen enough of you persecuting marijuana users with a justice system that is as flawed as it is misapplied. Every year, hundreds of thousands of us have descended upon New Orleans for Mardi Gras and we’ve seen marijuana users persecuted while alcohol flows legally through the streets of the French Quarter. Tens of thousands of us have been jailed for the most minor marijuana-related charges knowing it wasn’t us causing your problems, but therein lies the scam. Lawyers, judges, prosecutors and the private prisons in your state are using the justice system as a cash cow.
Those who saw the profit in marijuana persecution went right to work when Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the justice department would cease prosecuting harsh drug offenses on a federal level. They recognized money could still could be made through prosecuting at the state level and started drawing up legislation that would keep the pockets lined and the shareholders happy. Drug offenders are incarcerated and those who need treatment don’t get it. Keeps the income stream running one way.
Recently, a Louisiana man whose arrest for possessing a half-ounce was his third marijuana-related charge, was given a 20-year sentence. This is quite obviously the justice system and private for-profit prisons at play here, and it has set off a mass exodus of all marijuana smokers to marijuana-friendly states. Leaving the state with just the drunks to deal with sends a powerful message.
Twenty years hard labor for a half-ounce of marijuana is such a hypocrisy that it casts harsh light on the evil of the players. Their money keeps coming in as they destroy the entire fabric of society. This system of corruption and fraud has indentured us for almost 100 years now and, frankly, it’s treasonous!
Our constitution has been trampled on, our rights slashed to shreds. Redress of grievances – which is our right – with a mountain of overwhelming evidence that marijuana has amazing health benefits. Especially raw cannabis can help regenerate and repair your body in a miraculous way. Seizures are stopped by marijuana, comfort to cancer and aids patients. Nausea relief from stomach pains, wait and not one death attributed to its use ever in our recorded history. It is time we draw up legislation that protects us from people who benefit by jailing us.
Science is not a factor in the eyes of Big Pharma and government that has not allowed a single plant or herb as a medication for patients in the hospitals. They see only lost profits that result from a healing agent that grows naturally. The justice system is 60-percent dependent on huge fines for marijuana possession, and they don’t want their take to dwindle. The system is more tyrannical than it is effective, as we’ve seen in the failure of the war on drugs. Billions of dollars have been spent to wage the war, and there are some people expecting to be paid back.
A proposed boycott of Louisiana has been launched on the social networks and it is demanding that the state update its marijuana’s laws to reflect an evolved society. The boycott urges marijuana users to take their tourist money to Boulder, Seattle, San Francisco or any other U.S. cities whose marijuana laws aren’t as draconian as New Orleans’.
Louisiana may very well learn just how many marijuana smokers they’ve run off, and the revelation will shock them. They will realize all that money went away because they got greedy instead of seizing on an opportunity. As marijuana continues to emerge as America’s new recreational drug of choice, the fun will be elsewhere while New Orleans draws only the drunks.
Wake up, Louisiana! Marijuana activism is targeted at you and it’s going to expose just how obscenely oppressive your laws are.


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