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Marijuana Protective in Strokes


Marijuana Protective in Strokes;
Cannabis or Marijuana has at least 60 compounds which are termed Cannabinoids and have medicinal effect. Two of those compounds, (Cannabidiol and THC) have both been proven to protect brain tissue from ischemic (low blood flow) type strokes. This was proven by the U.S. Government scientist working for the Department of Health and Human Services. U.S. Patent #6,630,507 was Filed on 2/2/01 and Granted on 10/7/03 by the Dept. of Health and Human Services. (Washington DC)
This acceptance of this patent by the patent office shows proof that this is a valid claim by the authors. (The US Government). If you carefully read the study is clearly shows that infarct size (size of the stroke or dead brain tissue) is reduced by 50% in lab animals. This is a Miracle, and has great potential in helping in other disease states like heart attack. These studies were conducted in lab rats, which had induced strokes by occluding the brains, Middle Cerebral artery. Animals treated with Cannabidiol had substantial improvement in the neurological status after a stroke. A decrease in size of a stroke by 50% might mean the difference between being able to care for yourself, afterwards or not. The reduction in brain tissue death could mean the difference between able to talk, or walk, or wipe yourself or NOT. The magnitude of this is incredible.
The Safety of Cannabidiol is impressive and humans can tolerate extremely high doses with no Ill effects. This cannabinoid does not give the euphoria or high that is found in some cannabinoids. These facts and the evidence it works so well in lab animals makes Cannabidiol a unique class of medications that have great potential to help mankind. So why is this not available for clinical trials? Why is scientific research on Cannabis virtually banned by the DEA and NIDA? (National Institute of Drug Abuse) Why would you limit scientific research on a medicine that is safe, doesn’t get you high and has evidence of decreasing stroke size by 50%? The only answer is Ulterior Motive and Hidden Agenda.
You can’t hide the science. It is being discovered all over the world. We here in America are the worlds dummies. What if Silicon had been illegal? Do we really want to make knowledge Illegal? Emotion not Science has caused this insane drug war. If all the money spent on the drug war was spent on health care and social infrastructure programs we would be a nation all would look up to. Instead we are a nation of felons. We have 5% of the world’s population yet we incarcerate 25% of all the prisoners locked up worldwide. The Drug War is a welfare support for the Criminal Justice System. No good is produced, just cruelty and sorrow. No rehabilitation, no humanity. Since 1937 over 16 MILLION YEARS of prison sentences have already been served by Cannabis Criminals. Were any of these criminals rehabilitated? Think of the lost Families, the lost Tax base. We need to stop hurting ourselves.
David Bruce Allen M.D.
By legal Democratic Vote; Cannabis Is Medicine.


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