With over 50,000 uses, HEMP is by far the most valuable commodity ever found in the history of human mankind. We are now just beginning to understand how to bring major profit revenue streams to individuals and companies alike. Hemp is a very hot topic and states are poised to act on legislation legalizing HEMP INDUSTRIAL FARMING. California on June 4th, 2013 passed unanimously to enact Senate Bill 566 also known as the CALIFORNIA INDUSTRIAL HEMP FARMING ACT which clarifies that once California gets the green light from the federal government they will enact full scale Hemp Farming.


A major effort has also begun also on the federal level by many Senators to enact Hemp production in the United States. Earlier this year Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Kurt Shrader (D-OR) along with 27 other co-sponsors introduced H.R. Act 525 on Feb 6th, 2013 also known as “The Hemp Farming Act of 2013”. Then on February 14th, 2013 Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced S. 359. This is a senate companion bill to H.R. 525, S. 359 basically excludes the definition of Hemp and Marijuana as the same and completely separates them from the controlled substances act completely taking Hemp out of the Controlled Substances Act which can initiate full scale federal legalization of HEMP INDUSTRIAL FARMING once and for all.


What happens next when full out legalization of Hemp Farming begins? Maybe some of you remember  the HEMP FOR VICTORY campaign announced by the Dept of Agriculture, we have to give it to Mr. Agriculture for trying to fight for our Hemp Rights. What is really alarming is that before 1989 The Dept of Agriculture library and The library of Congress said that the USDA never released a film called “Hemp for Victory”. Then on May 19th, 1989 Jack Herer who wrote the famous book The Emperor Wears no Clothes on the amazing uses with Hemp gave the only VHS copy to prove to our government that it existed. Wow power to the people, it’s so crazy that our government suppresses information on our history! The film was originally obtained from William Conde a Miami Herald reporter in 1976 along with the original entrusted which was the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church of Jamaica. It was given to Jack Herer By William Conde during the 1984 (OMI) Oregon Marijuana initiative on the condition that it would be made available to educate the masses on the truth.


What is one resource that is completely renewable and will supply all our needs forever? Answer, Hemp! How could this resource be so valuable as to create trillions in profits all over the world? Let us examine facts on how Hemp can provide all of our needs in society? We will examine infrastructure, energy independence, Hemp nutritional food consumption, Hemp Extracts as future healing medications, transportation vehicles, industrial applications, commercial buildings made from Hemp, profit-abilities in all of these areas are contingent on many factors. How can existing companies include Hemp into their production facilities to transfer all composite materials to be made from Hemp instead of non-renewable resources that will keep inflating in price.


The most important objective for Americans and countries all over the world is the need for energy independence. Bio-Fuel production made from Hemp to energize vehicles in our cities can be a reality.  We only need 6% of the U.S. Government owned land to energize all our vehicles and cities for energy all year round. This will bring down the cost of price per gallon, the reality is that gasoline will continue to rise in as the resources of oil dwindle. The negative impact on business’s that need to transport materials begin to lose allot of profits due to rising gasoline prices. The international corporations force the U.S. to deal with their monopolization’s on making sure there is no competition to keep their profits flowing. In the next 10 years oil manufacturers will start to see HEMP as a great source to keep us all prosperous, hopefully they will eventually start producing HEMP BIO-DIESAL to make America energy independent. Our entire national grid can be powered by this amazing plant that can save the world from it’s self, the powers that be want to keep society the same. We move forward in technology but backwards in using what is best for our planet and the animals.


Commercial buildings and sky scrapers can be made from HEMP  that are ten times stronger than steel.  This market can take over or replace the steel industries. We are moving into the future, old science has to be replaced with new scientific proof to show Hemps 1000s of uses and contributions on how it can be used as a way of progressing society. Imagine what kind of structures we can build from Hemp being that it is 10 times stronger than steel means that architecture can be revolutionized in the U.S. To create more creative buildings instead of the same extremely boring block buildings in downtown areas and across America in all the commercial districts. Now we can design buildings that were never possible with steel but because Hemp can be broken down into every composite to make an entire commercial building or skyscraper.


Hemp nutritional food consumption is vital to our overall health, which can also be applied to medicines and food because Hemp has Proteins, Antioxidants, Amino-Acids, vitamins, minerals including your Omega 3s, Omega 6s and Omega 9s that help repair and regenerate you bodies healing mechanisms to be more healthy, wealthy and wise. Whole-Foods grocery store recently celebrated Hemp celebration week outlining the amazing health benefits. Everything from Hemp Milk to Bread to complete meals can be fully developed by this miraculous plant that can give us a power-house of nutrition. We would like to tip our hats to all of the newly flourishing Hemp companies that are coming up with new concepts to profit from this newly emerging multi-trillion dollar industry.


What we must all understand from this article is that information is powerful especially when the spin masters keep spinning the truth while we keep taking false realities on why Hemp Farming remains illegal. Many other countries have already legalized it and they are currently making billions collectively on Hemp Farming and production of newly emerging technologies in the Hemp industries field. When you realize and see how Hemp can replace all of our outdated non-renewable resources it opens your eyes into how this Hemp industries when fully legalized can collectively make trillions from Hemp energy and product manufacturing. “Hemp for Victory” is our only way into energy independence for America and countries all over the world to be self sustainable, this will create harmony through resource abundance which means prosperity for all of us!



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