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The first time I came up with the name The Art of MaryJane was right out of high school around 1998. I was at a mall inside a Spencer’s store and saw a picture of a beautiful lady on a joint that was a cartoon. Up until this point no one had ever seen an actual model pose with cannabis. So, at that moment an idea came to me – I want to be the first person in the world to bring this to life. For a very long time I contemplated on how I was going to do this. Being an avid reader of Hightimes I was inspired to start a magazine called The Art of MaryJane. The concept was sealed in time;I then came up with the concept of trying to do something no one could do or nearly impossible. I told myself that not only will I bring to the world The MaryJane models which will be the hottest models in the world smoking and showcasing marijuana, but I will figure out how to start a magazine.

Fast forward to my college years, and later when I wanted to go back to school in my 30s I wanted to pursue a career in entertainment.

I enrolled in Sacramento City College and took many classes on screenwriting and music engineering. I really had a passion for writing and making music. I took a class called Screenwriting 101 and enrolled. Our task was to write an entire 120-page movie script over the semester. Like most procrastinators I waited until the last minute; literally I had 1 week left for finals to turn in my script. My friends asked me how far along I was, I told them not 1 page has been written when everyone else was finished with the movie script. I did however come up with the movie concept, so I ended up staying at a youth hostel in San Francisco across from the Golden Gate bridge. I sat down at the computer and started writing the movie. At that moment I realized that God gave me a super magical talent of writing skills, I sat down and decided to write the entire movie nonstop over the next 6 days until I was finished with over 150 characters in the movie and the concept was Harry Potter meets Hell’s Angels meets Zen Master. When we read itin class I got major standing ovations.

What really dumbfounded me was how eloquent and fact I wrote this entire screenplay. So, I went home to my apartment packed my bags gave all my furniture away and darted off to Hollywood and never looked back since. Being inspired by my writing skills and what others were telling me I had to go to Hollywood, it was calling me. I said I’m either going to start a movie, make music or start The Art of MaryJane magazine. The universe was working in a very mysterious way; when I moved to Hollywood I stayed in some apartments across from the Chinese Mann Theater. It just so happened that I lived next to a world-renowned photographer who inspired me and pushed me to get the magazine going. It was a little challenging, I even called up Ed Rosenthal and told him that I wanted to start a magazine like Hightimes. He said, “Well you have to go to college and get your PHD and then get 20 more years of experience and then you can start your own magazine.” So, I decided not to take his advice and would instead start the magazine early. I did a few journalism class and film, acting and the likes, but I had absolutely no clue on how to put a magazine together or what it involved. When I was home I got these 86 post-its all over my refrigerator; at that moment I said to myself, “How on earth will I be able to fill up this entire magazine?”It was only with the help of a world-renowned photographer and a print shop on Hollywood Blvd called Pazin Print that I was able to do it. We had a lot of great fun times there right next to the Playhouse nightclub. I really didn’t know much, but had to learn as I went along. Then I sat down and started writing articles and building the magazine and bringing the MaryJane models and The Art of MaryJane magazine to life. After ten years of searching for my Marilyn Monroe I was walking down the Hollywood walk of fame, It was summer time and the most beautiful woman I had seen in my life walked past me in a white dress. I said to myself, “That is my first model right there,” but I turned around and she was gone. I looked around everywhere, she was nowhere to be found.

I then looked down and she was talking to an Elvis impersonator on the strip, I said, “You are one of the most beautiful models in the world and I would be honored, Natasha Goldbeck, to have you as my first MaryJane cover model”’ She was like, “You want me to be your very first MaryJane model? Wow, I feel so honored, thank you. I would like to do this for you, let’s do this together and make history.” It was at that moment when thestars aligned and my dream of starting The Art of MaryJane magazine was finally becoming a reality. I never realized that my magazine would be a print publication right next to Hightimes in 10 countries. The coolest thing is traveling throughout the U.S. and the world and seeing the magazine or having fans send us pictures of locations that carry The Art of MaryJane magazine. The first issue we did Natasha and then we had 2 other MaryJane models. It was that moment that I realized this was something far more special that I had ever encountered. Our plan was to launch digital and then print; little did I know that a big advertiser from Hightimes really believed in our concept and backed up the magazine. Eventually, our Tommy Chong release blew the magazine up in 10 countries and all 50 states in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Latvia, Cuba, Spain, Brazil and our magazine has even been spotted in China.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that the magazine would become internationally acclaimed within the cannabis industry and by cannabis consumers. I wanted to create one of the hottest magazines in the world with the MaryJane models, including the best articles. Our magazine has always evolved over time, our mission has always been to break the stereotypes and make cannabis mainstream and socially acceptable. In order to change the laws you have to make cannabis socially acceptable.Remember when you were in highschool or college and the hottest guy or girl would wear a certain fashion and then 2 weeks later the entire school is wearing the same fashion? This is what we did on a world scale – we got the hottest models in the world from Playboy, FHM and Maxim magazine and had them pose with the finest cannabis. This started a worldwide revolution of everyone showing their love for cannabis. Everyone said, “Well, if the hottest models in the world love to smoke cannabis, then why can’t anyone else smoke it and show it to the world?”

We produced over 26 issues of masterpiece magazines. With the old comes the new. After featuring Tommy Chong, Kotton Mouth Kings and Daisy Delahoya our magazine went to a whole level. Now we are going to create in 2018 the hottest magazine in the world with A-list rock stars on every cover. I greatly appreciate everyone in this journey that supported us or were fans – we could have never made the dream come alive if it wasn’t for you, as ultimately that is who we did this for: the world and the cannabis legalization movement. I Thank all of you who believed in us, thank you to all of those who doubted us, thank you to those who didn’t believe in me, for that is the reason The Art of MaryJane magazine came alive -so that Mr. MaryJane could prove to the world that he can create the hottest entertainment magazine. Now we are moving into the future with a state-of-the-art digital magazine platform with video, animation, sound bites and even interaction with the pages. We are going super high tech and moving into the future. My journey has now brought me to the highest of levels. We will make this magazine the biggest and hottest magazine in the world. We are doing it for the fans and the cannabis community. Peace, love, happiness, and I wish all of you the best success in life, to create your dreams. So many people told me that this magazine wouldn’t happen, that it couldn’t be done; they said quit talking about this magazine. I never listened to the doubters; they listened and didn’t want to see me rise to the top. I want everyone whois honorable, trustworthy and has true outstanding integrityto rise to the top with me.




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