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The Department of Justice in an unprecedented decision has announced that all of the 326 of the federally protected Indian reservations in the United States of America will be legally able to grow and sell marijuana. States where marijuana is a big criminal offense which can carry years in prison for small amounts of marijuana can now offer protection from s to incarceration of Indian tribes on federally protected land. In a turn where states that legalized medical or recreational marijuana have conflicted with, do does federal rights trump statesstates’ rights, or is it the other way around?d.
What set this into motion was not tribal leaders requesting from the government on clarification if they can grow and sell marijuana. It was in fact Oregon U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshell Marshall at the request of tribal governments to see if they can ban marijuana on reservations in states that have legal medical marijuana or recreational. Obviously those tribal inquiries were from those that have not researched the benefits of medical marijuana. Perhaps they view marijuana with the same perception of alcohol, which has ravaged the native Indians on reservations. This is a major opportunity for tribes to become prosperous off of marijuana growing and sales.
This is a historical moment in history where Indian tribal lands can supply legal markets in medical & recreational states that tribes can do business with right away. The exorbitant amounts of money can go towards rehabilitation of lands, housing, and welfare to work programs that can create tens of thousands of jobs for all of those valuable and respected keepers of land and nature. The There are billions that can be made for the native Indians through a system of using marijuana with the thousands of applications for medicines to medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational 21 and over sales. They should actually make marijuana the recreational drug of choice, away from pharmaceutical drugs and chemical drugs.
When you see an Indian warrior that does not drink alcohol everyday but they instead substitute it with marijuana, they are as fast as a tidal wave, and stronger than an ox with warrior- like powers. The marijuana will bring them back to nature and the earth. It is time to build high- end work out gyms on the reservations and give major prosperity to those that have been despaired desecrated by poverty. It is imperative that they keep their culture and heritage alive. This will give the municipalities on reservations a vast fortune that can create amazing programs to get them programs for careers in something they really like to do. We must realize that for those battling alcoholism, if they replaced it with only marijuana then the problems would not be severe.
This really sets the stage for the Indian reservations to grow hemp & marijuana to bring back prosperity to their peoples. Replace chemical drugs with marijuana because it is the safer choice. When you have an alcohol store on every corner it does not help. Obama told federal prosecutors that it will laws will be elected by tribes to legalize marijuana. Once one tribe does this it can set off a chain reaction all the way to the supreme courtSupreme Court. They have many rights to use peyote and any other plants or herbs that they use for religious reasons, or traditional rights of tribes to use their medicines without interference from the federal government.
That would be pretty awesome to see marijuana brand joint packs coming from the Indian nations who can now grow and sell now. The names could be really cool;, we will let them come up with the names as that would be an important decision. Every time someone buys a brand of marijuana from the Indian nations they know they are bringing vast economic fortunes back to the peoples. The Indian nations will probably show us how to live in harmony with nature again as our cities tear down the trees;, they will build around the trees as they are sacred to mother natureMother Nature. How about cCommercial buildings that can be made from hemp?.
There are tens of thousands of applications that can be use withfor hemp & marijuana. Hemp fuel for diesel engines, timber, building materials, insulation, energy creation and so much more. This opens up something that can really make tribes strong to protect their lands; , they could even buy more land back that was taken from them around the reservations. Our hearts go out to the Indian nations and their peoples. We can learn a llot from each other moving into the future. As we move farther away from nature they will pull us closer with an understanding of how we all have a symbiotic relationship with plants, herbs and nature. To embrace nature is to embrace preservation for all future generations. Listen to the elders as they are very wise with solutions for us all.


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