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New discovery – shows MARIJUANA as the next super ANTIBIOTIC with resistance to MRSA


With all of the latest advancements of world-renowned studies from the most prestigious scientific organizations regarding how marijuana can heal so many ailments, we should all be sounding the alarm to big government and big pharma. Now a prestigious study recently released shows that marijuana can be one of the best antibiotics on the market that is even resistant to MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), which is causing over 10,000 deaths every year stated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). MRSA is caused by overusing antibiotics and with no new antibiotic drugs that can stop MRSA, newly emerging strains provide new evidence showing marijuana can kill MRSA. This is a major scientific discovery that should be implemented in hospitals right away.
This is something that we can no longer ignore, with marijuana still illegal but with so many ways to help society medically it is now coming to the point where this plant can be saving millions of lives all over the world. Since the discovery of penicillin as an antibiotic to the current times, we now have marijuana as the next big discovery for an antibiotic that is MRSA resistant. It is time for us all to stand up and question the establishment as to why we are not immediately making this legal for all to use as a medical application. There comes a point and time in the shift of history where we have to use the latest and safest scientific advancements to heal us from the inside out.
This prestigious study was recently published in The Journal of Natural Products by scientists from Italy and the U.K., where two major players have teamed up, Giovanni Appendino of the Piedmonte Orientale University out of Italy and Simon Gibbons of the School of Pharmacy at the University of London, U.K., made some alarming discoveries about different marijuana compounds and how they can stop MRSA dead in its tracks. What this prestigious team concluded when they applied five cannabinoids to MRSA was that the cannabinoids were as effective at killing the infections as the strongest antibiotics on the market and even the last line of defense, Vancomycin.
MRSA bacterium causes infections that can sometimes in the worst case cause death in those with weak immune systems. The MRSA is carried on the skin and can infect those with a weaker immune system. The major problem is that MRSA is now becoming resistant to many antibiotics because of new MRSA bacterium strains. The strongest antibiotic on the market now is Vancomycin and is used as the last line of defense after all other antibiotics don’t work. Now though, it is not working as well as it did in the past to fight off infections due to new spin-off MRSA strains.
This is major news about cannabinoids and should be hailed as the new way to use antibiotics to be applied in the hospitals right away. We need many more studies on how many different ways marijuana compounds can be applied in the medical natural healing sciences. The sky is the limit as to how many more ailments will be helped by this miracle healing plant that is marijuana. The science is now so overwhelming that anyone who denies its medical applications needs to watch the news or read some prestigious journal reviews of these well-known studies on how marijuana can help with a myriad of problems and can fight off infections.
We are now at a point where the medical establishment is shifting from synthetic applications as medicines to natural derivative compounds, which are the biggest healing solutions for the 21st century. Once the FDA allows 1 natural cannabinoid to be prescribed by doctors it will set off a natural healing revolution that has been long awaited. The doctors can actually prescribe natural ways to heal us all. The most important point is that by implementing these compounds and 100s of others to be prescribed by doctors for patients everywhere, we will usher in a new natural healing revolution.
The old ways of medicine will shift with the new ways of medicine and new true scientific advancements that are not hindered by big pharma who wants to suppress any ways to use nature as being prescribed by a doctor. Society has to fight for itself and not allow those that wish to keep us in the dark ages of medicine to do so, forcing ourselves into the natural new renaissance that we all deserve. We must all come together for the good of humanity and fight for what is right; we all know of nature’s healing ability and we need to study it as a medicine to its fullest. It is time for the FDA Food and Drug Administration to change into the Plant & Herb administration and come into a more natural future.


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