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The Pay Pal founder Peter Theil through his investment venture capital firm called the Founders Fund is taking a minority stake of shares in the company Privateer Holdings. Privateer has collaborated with a marijuana growing operation in Canada and also leafly.com which reviews marijuana dispensaries and they also review marijuana strains on potency, effect, compounds, or and whether the strain is and Indica or Sativa. It was reported that Privateer was bidding for a $75 million dollar investment and the Founders Fund did not disclose how much they invested past “multi-millions” of dollars. Since medical marijuana is legal in Canada this creates a gray area, even though there are currently 24 states with medical marijuana and 4 states with recreational marijuana in the United States.
Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund has invested in heavy weights in the past, such as Airbnb, SpaceX and even Facebook. This investment “is just a slightly more extreme version of something we’ve shown in our other investments that we’re comfortable with,” Founders Fund partner Geoff Lewis told the Guardian. “We’re fine with investing in businesses with regulatory ambiguity, because we believe that regulation follows public sentiment.” CEO Brendan Kennedy of Privateer Holdings said in a company statement, “Founders Fund is known for making some of the most lucrative and radically transformational investments of the past decade.,” “With this investment they are signaling that they, like us, believe that the end of prohibition and the social harms it causes is inevitable.”
Privateer Holdings aquiredacquired leafly back in 2011 and they are currently the only authorized American company that is in control of a federal license from Canada to operate a major commericalcommercial marijuana cultivation facility -– Tilray, which that is in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The DEA has scrutinized this move from investors because it still remains federally illegal in the United States. With However, the Obama administration is signaling full- out legalization by a recent announcement that all indianIndian reservations can legally grow, sell and distribute marijuana. There was also a huge spending bill passed by Obama that had historical protections for medical marijuana operations that are legally operating on the state level. Canada passed laws in 2014 which made it legal to grow, manufacture, sell and possess.
According to DEA spokesman Rusty Payne no prosecutions have occurred, they are “most interested in those types of activities,” but it has “limited investigatory resources” and they are looking to go after big investors that poor pour funds into grow operations to possess and sell in Canada, and then bring back the funds to investors in America, which seems to be an issue with the DEA.
When banking from Canada grow operations moves through United States’ banks then it becomes a possible flagged violation for money laundering or drug trafficking. Since marijuana is still illegal federally in the United States it becomes a barrier into full commerce. “That’s two violations of US federal law. I don’t see there is any way around it,” Timothy White of Banker’s Toolbox, which reports on money laundering, told Reuters.
What we have is a lucrative industry that can make billions of dollars for all economies and provide medicine to the masses. It is important to understand the bigger picture, that marijuana operations or are interfering with pharmaceutical operations, and when these two are conflicting that becomes a problem. We have a safer medicine with marijuana that should be accessible by all patients and its medicinal applications. This industry is set to become bigger the than big oil, tobacco and the cotton industry that can fully sustain all economies. The miraculous benefits of marijuana cannot be ignored, only but by only those that have something to gain because it remains still illegal, while alcohol and cigarettes are fully legalized and marijuana should be treated the same with equal rights.
What the officials don’t seem to understand is that we can make fuel for cars from the male Hemp hemp part of the plant, which and even the CIA was excited to tell Congress on of it’sits many potential applications as a major viable resource that (it’s is also ten times stronger than steel). Medicines from the female part of marijuana has have yet to be fully researched, but we . We alreadyhave already have seen so many benefits even before this happens. The DEA should be more about allowing safer medications without the side effects being death, as then, we can move towards more plant- based medications that heal from the inside. It is time that we stop accept this major resource that can bring trillions of dollars to the world economy if fully legalized. We will have a world where countries can produce their own fuel for cars and factories from Hemp hemp instead of having to go to war against other countries that have oil- rich lands.


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