When you look across the isle in Washington D.C., you see that Republicans are still creating the machine of oppression and tyranny in disguise. There is a huge effort going on in Washington D.C. to keep marijuana illegal and even reverse our legalization effort. The bigger picture is incarceration of black and Latin youth for marijuana possession. The disparity compared to white males getting no jail time for small marijuana possession is outrageous. Recently Maryland decriminalized marijuana possession of 10 grams or under as a traffic ticket offense with absolutely no jail time.

Maryland has been a major oppressor of the masses especially when it comes to its disgusting track record of putting black youth in jail for years, even for just a joint and a couple seeds! Right now they have thousands of minorities sitting in jail for a ridiculously long time for simple marijuana possession. Everyone needs to be immediately released in light of the new legislation created by the Maryland general assembly. Chris Christie wants to keep all black youth and minorities in prison; essentially, he wants to keep the old system of slavery alive. Putting people in jail for marijuana possession should be a crime! The alarming reality is that the judicial system along with law enforcement have profited off of marijuana prohibition for a long time.

Now that so many states have passed legislation for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, the powers that be would like to reverse the legalization effort. The lobbyists for law enforcement are working diligently to preserve their profit-making monopolization machine. Do not underestimate the “REEFER MADNESS” effect they will try to cause, scaring the population into believing that we are creating a druggy society. The fact is that now parents and adults have a safer choice of recreational impairment, and it’s called “marijuana”. We here at The Art of MaryJane would like to sum this up with a chart showing the safety of marijuana compared to alcohol.

In late 2013 Maine drafted legislation by Democrat Representative Diane Russell that would legalize marijuana possession of up to two-and-a-half-ounces and the ability to grow 6 plants for adults 21 and over. She has been working through NORML to get it passed. Then the lobbyist for the medical marijuana industry overturned the vote from 1 yes to change it to a no. It even gave dispensaries the first right to open recreational marijuana stores. That is really horrible that our own industry would side-line efforts for full-on legalization. We have seen this happen in California where the medical marijuana lobby side-lined recreational marijuana as well.

The Representative working with NORML for Maine summed it up with this statement, “Today, corporate and profit-driven interests shunned Maine’s economic future and shut down the prospects of a new bill to regulate marijuana,” stated Representative Diane Russell. “For the record, 5% of tax revenue from the new bill would have gone to ensuring low income Mainers could afford their medical marijuana. Profits seem to be more important than patients — and that’s just wrong.” So it’s becoming an internal war to keep profits in the same hands. We as a country are so young, and we have so much to learn when it comes to working together for one common goal.

It seems now that we must all work together more than ever. Why do we keep putting profits first and people second? What we should be doing is fighting to create a system that is free from creating prisoners out of high school dropouts. They are being influenced from all areas around them. It is very challenging to get out of poverty when you grow up in it.

You will make decisions that are based on peer pressure. The truth is we don’t condone drug use; although we love our marijuana for adults aged 21 and over for recreational use, we distinguish good from bad when it comes to the damaging effects of drugs. Think about this scenario: you smoke a joint. Are you committing a crime, or is it our judicial system that is the purveyor of incarceration? It is just a part of evolution that we realize that marijuana should not be a tool to make profit for law enforcement. It all comes down to the almighty dollar, which we all know can pay for substance or can pay to keep oppression going.


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