Here we are, living in the vortex of illusion. Something is very wrong, why have we been forced to accept that synthetic compounds are the main form of healing? “WAKE UP” it’s time to end this form of healing, begin with healing plants and herbs as the main form of healing in the hospitals. I have drafted this article as a road map to stop the sickness and start the healing. For the first time in history the collective consciousness is coming together with knowledge and wisdom, our learning is blossoming into a completely new generation of peaceful revolutionaries.
These times that were living in are not about freedom, “FREEDOM” to do what you want in life without being controlled in an artificial environment. It’s sad that now most of us are trapped in technology, we must realize that technology can only take the spirit so far, but for true soul searching, we must unite and write the love that we have for mother nature, this is for you, for all of us to realize our true spiritual self. This is so important, we cannot lose this battle of bringing back nature to the world. All of human mankind must stand up for this cause so that all species can roam free.
This is the future that we hold in our hands, picture society as two forms, one is the whole foods organic fruits and vegetables, the other is a group of chemicalized meth addicts. Now society is getting more cancer than ever and everything else such as obesity and heart attacks have skyrocketed thanks to the pharmaceutical companies coming up with a bran new disease’s that never existed before. This is what we are fighting against. We are either the chemicalized society that will get sicker, or a whole foods society, a “RENNAISANCE ERA”!
But then there would be no more work for doctors because everyone will be healthy and surgery will be a thing of the past. We can heal our bodies from plants & herbs, this is by far faster than any drug on the market. So why cant we have herbs and plants as medications, well for those of us that don’t realize the grip that big pharma has on America and the world for that matter, let this be a wake up call. So here we are, this is for you to set up, petition your government to do something to heal the nation and spread love and not the war mentality.
The P&HA, Plant & Herb Administration will be opposite of the FDA, the FDA will be a thing of the past and the P&HA will be the main form of healing in the hospitals, also they will take over the entire food industries regulartory committee. They will have a huge panel that specifically has check & balances on specific chemicals, toxins and poisons that need to be immediately replaced with whole organic ingredients. This will target all processed foods and household products, also sodium fluoride needs to be taken out of all water facilities within the U.S., sodium fluoride is an industrial toxic waste, hate to break it to you. This will be the first agenda, is the de-chemicalization of society.

So now your getting the point, everything that has been used in the past in our foods will now be replaced with feasible healthy components. Every grocery store will only have organic fruits and vegetables, there are tens of thousands of fruits and vegetables all over the world that need to be reevaluated. All peticides and toxic herbicides will be eliminated from all crops throughout the U.S. An action regulatory committee will be founded on the principles of harmony, balance, equality, health first dollar second, healing plants & herbs are now the main form of healing, an independent non bias party, that will not allow former pharma lobbyist, also former pharma CEO’s or employee’s for that matter. This anti-chemicalization task force will be formed for the specific task of but not limited to. Evaluation of all chemicals, toxins and poisons found in our foods. Each chemical, poison and toxin will have a organic plant based preservative alternative. So once these toxins are found, that company will have 6 months to make everything cohesive to the symbiotic nature based healing with humans.

Also the anti-chemicalization task force will work with all branches of government to regulate and enforce these new laws, the next step will be to formulate new cures and treatments derived from 100% organic natural plants and herbs. The task force will enforce replacement of chemicals in processed foods, anti-fluoride task force for elimination of all sodium fluoride in any water supply meant for human beings internally and externally. Any chemical companies found to be in violation of all statutes, if they are not compliant they will be shut down. All chemicals used in pools, our water supply, foods, toxic chemicals in pharmaceutical drugs, gasoline engines, all building materials, car emissions, factory emissions of toxins, commercial transportation, plastics containing bi phenal A known to have huge side effects, clothes, anything that will basically come in contact with human mankind.

Enforcement of new cures from plants & herbs that will replace all inferior pharmaceutical drugs, Zombie nation no more! A huge independent lobbyist organization will be formed along side the Plant & Herb administration, enforcement of a new education for doctors, one that starts from healing the body. The entire system will transfer over to all plants, herbs and organic whole foods. The entire structure of our system will change miraculously. It’s really sad that our society doesn’t act more on the positive solutions, or maybe everyone keeps running around in the rat race, for what! Wake up “AMERICA” it’s in your hands to do something today, not tomorrow and please don’t wait for someone else to do it, stand up for what right, stand up for America, stand up for the world.

This is phase one of our introduction to a new society, one that is about peace, love, harmony and unity. Let’s push this beacon of light in the faces of darkness, we can show all these big bullies to go shove their chemicals down their throat. We are to contruct this as a formulation for healing the masses, ending all the wars, bringing back nature to the world is our obligation and duty. Let’s let love roam free and the hand of oppression will folly no more, the new America has spoken. Heed our words international dictators and oppressors, we will give you your chains back!


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