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Starting One of The first delivery services in California


Starting One of The first delivery services in California

By Mr. MaryJane


Back in 2001 I came up with a great idea to start my very own medical cannabis delivery service. My friend inspired me through his life, he told me that when living in New York he started a delivery service on bicycle selling cannabis to anyone who loved to partake. He would go all over the city blocks serving glass jars of high end chronic. At the time I was becoming an activist in the cannabis legalization movement and decided to go straight  to the front lines and so I started my very own delivery service called healing hands of nature.

I decided to start my career at one of the million marijuana march’s in Sacramento California, I got a few ounces from a friend and printed some business cards and it was cool, I rolled up 200 joints as samples for all my clients to try. I was at the Sacramento Capitol when I saw this guy medicating and some cops started harassing this college kid, he told the police officer that he has aids and this was his medication. He told the cops that he would not be giving the medicine to them as this was his life support,

I got very angry and yelled at the 20+ cops that this is an aids patient and you will not take his medicine away, then allot of cannabis activists surrounded the police and we would not let them confiscate the cannabis from this guy trying to self medicate. Everyone was yelling at the cops and then finally they huddled around each other and brought the bag of medical marijuana to the aids patient, they apologized to him and said he can use his medicine any time he needs. We made a big statement, after that I told everyone to stand on the Sacramento Capitol steps and passed out over 200 joints while we lit them all at the same time while all the cops watched us smoke and protest the injustice of the cannabis prohibition.

When I saw a limo roll up, it was Eddy Lepp then his group presented me with a chance to grow on his operation, so I paid some money to grow medicine on one of his plots that was when he got busted and went to prison for a while, thank God he is out and doing great, that man is one of the biggest legends in this cannabis industry  A pioneer and true cannabis activists a great man who has contributed a great deal to the movement. That was the launch of my new delivery service and the rest was history. I had some really good strains at low prices so I acquired allot of customers.

One crazy time a supposed connect of mine who supplied me with ounces here and there wanted to purchase a quarter pound, so I made the arrangements and came over to his apartment with the 4 ounces ready to sell. When I got there we were just waiting for a while and I said lets do this so I can go, I was waiting to long. Then there was a knock at the door, some big guy with a bandana on, he then pulled out a gun and said to me “get the fuck down on the ground” my heart starting beating really fast and I thought that this might be my last day on earth, I prayed please God don’t let me die, miraculously he just ended up taking the weed and leaving.

It was a traumatic experience for me to this day, I have forgiven them as I know that some day they might just save more lives than they took. I prayed for him to have a better life to help lives and save lives. Unfortunately when you live a life of crime and armed robbery your life usually ends up short lived or in Prison. The sad thing was a couple weeks later there was a shoot out at same spot I was at and you live by the gun, sometimes you die by the gun. I was very frustrated after this moment , this was my last time trying to sell bud outside of the medical card system.

Having my delivery service was fun and challenging at the same time, always an adventure. My cannabis adventures will be in all future issues. I want to thank all of you for picking up and reading my magazine. I do this for all of you, because without you who would I be? Having my delivery service opened up a world I never knew existed, I realized that this was my journey my destiny. At first I wanted to make allot of money with my cannabis sales which I was.

One day the elderly lady around 90 calls me to deliver her some medicine, I came over and she told me “I hope this works I have tried everything, I cant sleep at night, I cant play with my grand children, my life has no meaning. We both parted ways and she called me up a couple weeks later requesting some more medicine. So I went over again to her place and when she opened the door she started crying and we held each other, she said “you’re an angel from heaven, for the first time thanks to the marijuana I can sleep at night, I can play with my grandchildren, I know have back my quality of life. We both cried together.

It was at that moment that the only thing that mattered was that I was now doing Gods work, healing the sick with the miraculous healing plant. I realized then that my mission on earth was more magical and special then I had ever imagined. I love the cannabis community and we came from a place of compassion, A place where we can all get together to feel alright and heal one another. The time for us to help others in anyway we can is what life is all about, helping other, being there to open doors and bring prosperity, wisdom, knowledge and success. Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams cant be accomplished, this is your world, you are the director, actor, producer and writer.


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