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Top Ten Weed Destinations.


Charli Gerbera



The Top Ten Weed Friendly Outside of the U.S. Travel Destinations

Imagine a world where freedom to smoke weed wherever, whenever within reason. These exotic, fun places are not just legal to smoke in designated places but are legal possession without needing any medical proof or reason for smoking outside of wanting to.

Of course you can always stay within the U.S. and visit Seattle, Washington or Denver, Colorado. Both are very unique cities with lots of fun places to see and explore. To be on the safe side, itís not a good idea to have more than an ounce on you in your possession in either of these states.

Some of these travel destinations outside of the U.S. are common knowledge and some are not. These destinations and their laws embrace Cannabis and their consumers. Enjoy your travels and remember your rolling papers.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Mecca of Marijuana smokers. Between the many hash bars and the large variety of coffee shops the options are endless. Remember, you canít have more than five grams on you outside of the many, many places to consume Cannabis.

2. Zurich, Switzerland: The beautiful scenery of this majestic city with plenty to do and explore. Both the Netherlands and Switzerland have laws separating soft and hard drugs making it lenient for possession of having small amount of cannabis in your possession. The laws in Switzerland are having no less than ten grams of cannabis on you at any time.

3. Lisbon, Portugal: This beach city is absolutely beautiful full of beauty and architecture. If you want to leisurely smoke some cannabis remember you canít have more than twenty-five grams or five grams of hash in your possession.

4. Prague, Czech Republic: One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague is historically famous and cannabis friendly. Which checking out the castles and enjoying the nightlife remember you canít have more than fifteen grams of cannabis on you or five grams of hash in your possession.

5. Brussels, Belgium: Besides being world-renowned for their chocolates as well as their beer, Brussels is a cultural enriched city full of diversity and fun. Their laws are a little stricter being that you are only allowed three grams on your possession.

6. Mexico City, Mexico: As you fly into the largest city in Mexico, you will be surprised of the cultural metropolis of Mexico City. Fun place to go, see and do. While smoking some cannabis remember you cannot have more than an ounce in your possession.

7. Lima, Peru: This friendly mellow city loves their food and their brandy. Seeking things to do within a slow pace than this city is the place for you. Possession of a small amount is legal. The law itself on a case-by-case basis determining what the legal amount is.

8.†Caracas, Venezuela: Culture, Culture, Culture. The best of both world beaches and mountain ranges with lots of modern beauty.† Less than twenty grams is allowed for personal use.

9.† Rivera, Uruguay: If you seek to gamble and smoke cannabis than the Rivera is the place for you. †Since gambling is legal in Uruguay, the Rivera is the most beautiful with the most casinos.† As like Peru, possession is a case-by-case basis.

10. Bogota, Colombia: A city full of culture and beautiful unique architecture Bogota is a place that stands out all of its own.† Allowing less than twenty grams in your possession, enjoy all that Colombia has to offer.

For more information on cannabis laws in Europe check out the website emcdda.europa.eu. Please be smart and safe when consuming cannabis in other countries. Also please respect the laws and regulations that are restricted in each country. I hope you all have wonderful trips this summer. Bon Voyage!


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